February 2003
T r e n d s

In mid January, our faculty member Darla Fanton, attended TNNA show in San Diego. TNNA, The National Needlework Association, is a national trade organization comprised of professional designers, manufacturers, publishers, and retailers. It produces four shows a year. The shows are not open to public and are for members only. We are very lucky to have Darla's report.

The show kicked off with a fashion show sponsored by The Yarn Group of TNNA. Although the majority of the fashions in the show were knit, crochet is starting to be seen in the upscale yarn shops and so crochet fashions were represented as well.

In the booth or on the runway, a common theme in all the yarns and fashions was texture, texture and more texture. Lots of eyelash yarns, bouclé, mohair, chenille and other textured yarns. Bell sleeves were very much in evidence, as were tie closures. Stripes were everywhere, from big bold stripes to narrow stripes to self-striping yarn that does all the work for you. When knit at the recommended gauge, these yarns produce a consistent stripe or Fair Isle pattern.

Colors ranged from softer pastels to bright and bold with lots of "denim" in sight. Denim blue showed up in everything from very casual to, with the addition of some metallic, glamorous and ready for a night out on the town.

Scarves and tank tops were very noticeable. No doubt part of this is due to all the new knitters and crocheters entering the market. With the fabulous yarns available, even a first time knitter or crocheter can have a spectacular finished project. Purses were everywhere. From knit and crocheted totes or backpacks to classy little evening pouches to beautiful needlepoint purses and beaded necklace/amulet bags.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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