June 2004

Benefits of Full Spectrum Light

These days we hear a lot about benefits of full spectrum lighting. Full spectrum lighting is an artificial light that emulates sunlight. Many claim that it has beneficial psychological and physiological effects on people. They argue that these kinds of lights reduce depression caused by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and increase vitamin and oxygen intake in the body. I am not a scientist to verify these claims, but certainly I can see better in natural lighting.

All of us have encountered the situation that we need to make sure if a yarn or garment color is exactly what we want. It is hard to tell under white fluorescent light that you find in most stores. Many times I have walked out of a store to make sure the color is exactly what I want. Nothing man-made beats nature.

Research shows that white fluorescent light causes fatigue and eye-strain. Using full spectrum light eliminates the problem and helps eye comfort and relaxation. These lights also reduce glare, which in turn reduces eye-strain and headache. I have heard from many needle workers that they will not work without their full spectrum lights. However economic consideration may have a negative effect in the decision making process. Usually full spectrum lights cost eight to ten times more that regular lights.

So during the day use natural light and benefit from all that nature can provide. For other times, research and study different options available to you. Test different lights and check the effects on your vision. There are several resources on the internet. Search for "full spectrum light" and study many different sources. Then decide for your own personal situation.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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