February 2005

New Trends, A Report from TNNA

In mid January, I attended TNNA (The National Needlearts Association) winter show in Long Beach, California. TNNA is a trade organization encompassing manufacturers, retailer, and professional designers. The show is not open to public and is for members only. I had the opportunity to spend some time with two other members of our faculty Darla Fanton and Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. They both are working on new exciting classes. So stay tuned!

The show started Friday night with a fashion show. Many designers showed off their wonderful creations. I always enjoy seeing so much talent in our industry. You can find more and more knitting and crochet garments in tune with the latest fashion trends. Ponchos are everywhere, made with many different types of yarn from textured yarns to plain with wonderful patterns to show off the beauty of the yarn.

The good news for crochet enthusiast is that crochet is on the rise and many new crochet designs are entering the market. With all the new textured yarns, it is not surprising to see so many new innovative designs.

Yarn manufacturers were offering their latest creations, and like the last few years, wonderful new textures with extremely soft fur like yarns are the norm. Color trend for spring/summer 2005 is from pastels to very deep colors such as chocolate brown. Also, variegated and metallic yarns are very popular.

The two types of yarn that caught my eye were metallic yarns and fabric strips. There are yarns with metallic components and new metallic blending thread for adding to any kind of yarn. These yarns and threads open new doors to knitting and crochet enthusiast and increase the number of upscale designs. On the other hand, it seems as if fabric manufacturers caught up with the fact that people spend a long time cutting fabric into strips to use for knit/crochet accessories and household items. I saw large spools of fabric strips for use in knitting and crochet. Now that they are readily available I will not be surprised to see fabric strips used in knit/crochet garments too.

In the end, I am glad to report that we are living in a very exciting time. Innovation is the name of the game and we should take advantage of all the new products that are entering the market.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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