January 2006

Needlecraft University's Anniversary

Needlecraft University is now three years old. NU opened its door in January 2003. Since then the site has improved by receiving many new features, classes, and teachers. Best of all, it has received and continues to receive your support. I would like to Thank You for all your support by visiting the web site, taking our classes, and sending us so many encouraging comments. We have wonderful plans for this year. New classes are being prepared, and new teachers are joining our community.

Needlecraft Popularity

The growth of knitting and crochet in the past few years has been phenomenal. According to a research done by CYCA (Craft Yarn Council of America) more than 53 million women in the United States know how to knit or crochet. This means almost every 1 in 3 women knows needlecraft. This is amazing considering the fact that the number of young people (25-35 age group) who know to knit or crochet has grown by a whopping 150% since 2002. The research also shows that one out of 10 women uses the Internet to find patterns, seek advice, and purchase supplies.

For most of us who are knitting or crocheting for years this amazing growth, especially among young adults, means that we will continue to see wonderful products, exceptional designs, and more retail shops across the country. Other research shows that sales of textured yarns are on decline. To me, this means a growth in wonderful patterns including lace, cable, and multicolor work to create fashionable items.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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