February 2006

Organic Wool

We have all heard about Organic Cotton, and I had an article about naturally colored cotton in the November-2005 issue of our e-newsletter. I was pleasantly surprised to find out about Organic Wool.

Many farms raise sheep for organic food industry. It was just a matter of time for farmers to start thinking about Organic Wool, especially after the success of Organic Cotton in fashion, home, and craft industries. It appears that the fashion industry is taking advantage of Organic Wool to serve organically conscious consumers. A quick search on the internet will bring many sites that offer Organic Wool sweaters, socks, baby clothing, and comforters.

There are certain rules for wool to be considered organic. Here is a list of some rules, according to Organic Consumer Association.

  1. Organic wool should come from sheep that are fed organically.
  2. All organic wool should be handled separate from non-organic wool.
  3. All equipments that are used for organic wool should not be used for non-organic materials.
  4. Detergents that are used for washing wool should be biodegradable and the water that is used for washing should be treated, so that it would be non pollutant before being released into the environment.
  5. Dyes that are used for dyeing wool must be organically produced without any chemicals added.
  6. All facilities involved in the process should use nontoxic pesticide for pest control.
For more information check out the following link:

You can find websites that offer organic wool yarn. Whether they follow the above rules is yet to be seen. I hope that in the near future we would see more organic wool offered for knitting/crochet use. We, as needleworkers, prefer to use the best material available for the love and hard work we put into each item we make.

If you have any experience with Organic Wool, please let me know. I will include your comments with your name in our e-newsletter.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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