May 2007

What is Soy SilkŪ?

Producing fiber from Soy is dated back to the 1940s. There is a photograph of Henry Ford in a suit made of Soy. However, the idea of spinning, knitting and weaving with soy is new.

Soy SilkŪ is the trademark of South West Trading Company, which introduced it in the United States. Soy SilkŪ is made of leftover tofu production. The leftover protein is liquefied and extruded mechanically and is processed like any other man-made fiber. Since very little chemicals are involved in the process, it is considered as an environmentally friendly fiber.

Soy SilkŪ looks and feels a lot like natural silk. The fabric is lightweight and absorbent. Therefore, it is wonderful for summer wear. However, it lacks elasticity like cotton but has a very nice sheen similar to silk hence the name Soy SilkŪ. Some manufacturers blend Soy SilkŪ with wool to give the sheen of silk and the elasticity of wool.

Although Soy SilkŪ is plant-based, because it is made of protein, dyes used for silk can be used for it too. Soy SilkŪ softens with washing and does not need blocking after it is washed.

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