January 2008

Needlecraft University's Anniversary

Happy 2008 everyone! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. Did you know that Needlecraft University is now five years old. NU opened its doors in January 2003. We are now offering forty seven classes, and have added new features to the site including a new index for accessing the archive of monthly eNewsletters based on the article's subject. Also in late 2007 we acquired the right to the "NeedleworkUniversity.com" Internet domain. Although our official name continues to be Needlecraft University (NeedlecraftUniversity.com), our web site can also be reached using the new domain name (NeedleworkUniversity.com).

The most important fact is that we could not have done it without your patronage and support. So from all of us at NU Thank You for your support by visiting the web site, taking our classes, and sending us your encouraging comments.

Color Forecasting

Do you ever wonder what color forecasting is or who decides what the next popular color should be? Does each big name designer decides by him/herself what colors to use for their next runway show or is it a group decision?

The truth is that a group of designers from different industries get together several times a year and forecast the color combination for the next season. Pantone (http://www.pantone.com) is the worldwide authority in color forecasting. All companies involved in design, around the world, look toward the PANTONEview color planner for color directions. You may be amazed to find out that even the color combination of seats on an airplane or even cereal boxes are based on this or similar reports. Pantone usually forecasts for the next eighteen to twenty four months, for each season.

According to Pantone’s recent forecast, color is calming down for the 2008 and next few seasons. It means that darker colors will be used instead of bright colors of the past seasons. Darker shades of brown and clay will be used with families of green, blue and burgundy. Colors that are more neutral will be added to the palette of gold, violet and purple. In addition, there will be a combination of bright colors and more muted neutral colors.

What this forecast tells me is that we can still use the yarn that we bought in the years past. Therefore I recommend that you visit your stash again and find the colors that you have hidden underneath other colors thinking that you will never use them. Bring them out and take another look. Maybe they will work with the new palette described above.

If you always wanted to learn more about color and how color combinations work together, check out Pantone.com

You can find a color trend sample for 2008 at FashionTrendsetter.com

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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