September 2008

A little about Silk Ribbon Embroidery

No one knows when humans started decorating their garments with embroidery. It might be at the same time they learned to sew. They figured they could use same stitches for decorating their garments.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery became very popular in 18th century Europe. In those days, wealthy people would change clothes up to seven times a day. Their outfits even had to match their shoes. As a result, it was very popular to have their shoes decorated with the same shapes and flowers as their outfits. That is when Silk Ribbon Embroidery became very popular.

This beautiful and versatile technique has been in and out of fashion many times since it started. It became very popular again in the 1990s. These days, people decorate pillows, crazy quilts, purses and outfits. You can decorate your plain knit and crochet sweaters with Silk Ribbon Embroidery to give them a new look.

You can use all embroidery stitches in Silk ribbon embroidery. The only difference is that silk ribbon embroidery takes about 1/5 of the time necessary to embroider with thread, as you can cover the same area much faster with ribbon.

Since Ribbon embroidery is very pretty, some people are intimidated as they think they cannot create the same look. The fact is, silk ribbon embroidery techniques can be mastered in a very short time. Some find it tedious. However, this might be due to the fact that they are not using the right kind of ribbon. Silk ribbon for embroidery is different from craft ribbon and is easier to manipulate to create embroidery stitches.

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