December 2008

Different types of Crochet Hooks

There are different types of crochet hooks. Most of the time, you can choose which type to use. Hooks come in different materials. Most commonly available hooks for working with yarn come in aluminum, wood, or plastic types. Steel crochet hooks are for working with cotton thread.

I have seen steel crochet hooks from size 00 (2.7 mm) to size 14 (0.9 mm). For this type of hook, the larger numbers indicate smaller sizes. To keep your steel crochet hooks clean, rub them with a cotton cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol and dry them with a soft cloth.

Aluminum hooks are lightweight and strong enough to work with yarn. They are of better quality than plastic ones. If you have a choice between an aluminum hook and a plastic one, I would suggest aluminum. Usually yarns glide easily over aluminum hooks, as they are smoother. Plastic hooks are not as smooth, and may chip and snag the yarn. If your aluminum or plastic hook is damaged, do not try to fix it by sanding, just discard it. Jumbo hooks come in plastic only. The plastic used for these hooks is very smooth and perfect for working with heavy yarn. To keep your aluminum and plastic hooks clean, wash them in mild soapy water then dry them with a soft cloth.

Bamboo and wood crochet hooks are sturdy, lightweight, and warm to the touch. The more you work with them, the smoother they become. These types of hooks are recommended for people with arthritis. Clean these hooks the same way as you clean fine furniture. Never wash them with soapy water. If your wooden or bamboo hook is damaged, sand it with very fine sandpaper.

These days, hooks come in a variety of shapes and materials. Some of them are ergonomically designed to keep hands from cramping. They can also be made in bright colors. For more information about different types of crochet hooks, check out http://www.lacis.com/catalog/data/AB_Crochet.html

In addition, I should emphasize that the cleaning techniques mentioned above can be used for knitting needles too.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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