January 2009

Needlecraft University's Anniversary

Happy 2009 everyone! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. Did you know that Needlecraft University is now six years old? NU opened its doors in January 2003. We are now offering forty five classes, and are in the process of adding more. The most important fact is that we could not have done it without your patronage and support. So from all of us at NU, Thank You for your support by visiting the web site, taking our classes, and sending us your encouraging comments.

What is SeaCell®?

The fiber known as SeaCell® is seaweed that has gone through the Lyocel process. The production process of Lyocel, whose main material is cellulose fiber, is environmentally friendly. The produced fiber has all the advantages of the natural material, and is 100% biodegradable. Since seaweed is a natural product of the sea and has several minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Amino Acids, many believe it has wonderful effects on the skin. These minerals may be absorbed through the skin, therefore seaweed is used in cosmetics. Some people believe these same minerals can affect ones hands when they knit/crochet with SeaCell. I have yet to try SeaCell yarn to see it for myself!

To produce SeaCell, seaweed is ground up into microscopic pieces then added to wood cellulose. This process does not harm the environment and because seaweed is a renewable resource, the product is highly praised by environmentalists.

SeaCell is very soft and can be combined with other products such as cotton, silk, wool, etc. It is very strong, and water does not affect its strength. SeaCell absorbs sweat 50% faster than cotton. It is very comfortable to wear and is used for baby items and underwear.

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