October 2009

Wool Wash Products

In December 2003, we had an article about washing your knit and crochet garments. At that time, I talked about detergents, water temperature, etc. This time, I want to talk about products that are specifically designed for washing wool, silk, and other delicate items. These products:

  1. Contain lanolin so they will keep your garments soft.
  2. Do not need rinsing, so they conserve water.
  3. Contain natural oils, not chemicals.
  4. Can be used for hand or machine-wash.
  5. Are biodegradable, so do not harm the environment.
One of these products is "Eucalan". On top of the above properties, it has eucalyptus or lavender oils which are moth and flea deterrents. The no-scent variety is perfect for people who are sensitive to scent, but it does not control pests.

Another product in this category is "Kookaburra Woolwash". This product was first made in Australia and uses the oils of the Australian Tea Trees (Melaleuca alternifolia) which is known to be effective against dust mites and allergens. People use it for washing baby clothes. It keeps the garments soft and does not take out the natural lanolin in wool.

The third product in this category is "Soak", which comes in three different scents, Flora, Aquae, and Citrus. Like the other two, it has a rinse-free formulation, can be used for hand or machine washing, and is biodegradable. If you rinse the garment, you can take out the scent. I have not found any information about this product to suggest that it is a moth or flea deterrent.

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