March 2010

What is the Knitters Loom?

Last week I went to Stitches West. For those who donít know, Stitches is a seminar for knitters and crocheters to gather and show off their projects, take classes, and shop for yarn and a lot of other items. In fact, our knitting teacher, JC Briar, is one of the teachers at Stitches. It is held several times a year throughout the US. Stitches West is held in Santa Clara, California, which is within driving distance from where I live. I had not signed up for any classes, but went to the market with a very good friend. The market was, as predicted, busy and full of yarn, patterns, needles, hooks, buttons, and much more.

What caught my eye most was the Knitters Loom by Ashford. This is not the same as loom-knitting I talked about in the February 2010 issue, but a weaving loom that is small and easy to use. I believe the reason it is called Knitters Loom is that you can use your leftover fancy yarns and create unique woven fabric very quickly.

This portable weaving loom is compact and allows the weaver to use it anytime or any place. It comes in two widths: 12" (30 cm) and 20" (50 cm). The manufacturer claims that you can weave a scarf with it in two hours. The body of the loom is a beautiful lacquered wood and all the handles, cogs, and pawls are nylon. The nylon warp-stick keeps the yarn in place at all times.

I am not a weaver, but the demonstration at the market was so interesting that now I am thinking about trying it. I liked the fact that you can place the back of the loom at the edge of a table, put the other end on your lap and work on it. It is portable and you can fold the loom with your work still attached and carry it to another location.

The loom weighs about 3.3 lb (1.5 kg). You can order a stand for it so you would not need to attach it to the edge of a table. Everything folds and fits in a bag, making carrying your project a breeze.

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