April 2010

What is a Lucet-braid/cord?

Last month I talked about the Knitters' Loom which can help reduce the yarn stash. This month, I would like to talk about Lucet and its use for knitters/crochetres. This device is very useful for reducing your stash especially for those leftover balls from larger projects.

A Lucet is a device that looks like a lyre or 2-prong fork. It is used for making square cords. It is believed that Vikings used it to make braids for clothing and hanging useful objects from their belt. It was very popular in medieval times, and then its use declined by the 12th century. It became popular again in 17th century until early 19th century.

The Lucet-cord is strong and resembles the I-cord. You do not need a pre-measured thread to make a cord. In fact, the only items needed to make a Lucet-cord are a Lucet fork and yarn or thread. Some people use a needle or hook to work with the Lucet fork, however, most of the time you can use your fingers. This makes a Lucet very portable.

Modern day Lucets have a hole on the handle that you can use for holding the end of the thread in place and later pull the braid through and wrap it around the handle for carrying purposes. There are several techniques for making a braid with a Lucet, but the basic technique is very easy. You can see how it is done in this video.

A Lucet gives you the option of using two or three different yarns or threads together to create a fancy cord or you can use beads to make a decorative braid. I believe that by using fancy yarns, you can create narrow scarves or necklaces that are perfect for gift-giving.

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