February 2011

Geek Crafting

As far as I remember, knitting, crocheting and quilting had the stigma of being what grandmothers do. So many people have looked at me as if I was crazy wasting my time making a sweater that I could buy at the store! They could not understand the calming effect that crafting has on me or the uniqueness of the garment I was creating.

It appears that the internet is changing the perception of crafting in a major way. A large number of people interested in math and science ("geeks") have found the principles of crafting through the internet and are learning not only to knit/crochet, but are figuring out ways to use crafts for math and science concepts. This new group of crafters are happy to call themselves "Geek Crafters".

Many of the items geek crafters create may be three-dimensional to represent complicated concepts such as the DNA. Check out the link below to see baby’s first DNA:

Or check out the display at the Smithsonian for a crocheted representation of a coral reef:

Quilting has become another geek craft as it is about geometry. Many people interested in old video games have taken it upon themselves to transfer game images onto interesting new quilts. Here is a sample:

Whether you are a geek or a traditional crafter, I hope you take advantage of the internet and the classes offered online to improve and enjoy your crafts.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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