December 2011

Heartfelt Scarves

This time of year usually reminds me of the less fortunate. Maybe it is the colder weather or maybe it is because everyone is thinking about Christmas presents and shopping.

While it is wonderful to remember our loved ones, it is also important to remember the less fortunate. I cannot ignore the fact that about 25% of American children live below the poverty line. It is unconscionable not to think about these children. Therefore, as knitters and crocheters, I would like to ask you to donate a hat or scarf to these children. Not only you help another human being, you will feel a lot happier inside.

You can always donate coats and scarves to http://onewarmcoat.org/heartfelt-scarves-for-one-warm-coat/

Knit and crochet patterns for scarves are available on that site and you can find places to donate no matter where you live.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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