March 2012

Blind Quilter

I feel blessed to be able to do what I can, especially when it comes to knitting and crocheting. I always think what I would do if I am not able to use my hands the way that I do. However, when I see and hear what people can do, it amazes me and makes me more grateful for all that I have.

Recently, I read about an inspiring woman, Diane Rose, who was visually impaired with glaucoma for all her life. In 1984, four days before she was supposed to go through with a corneal transplant, she lost her eyesight in a car accident. But that did not stop her. In 1998, she learned how to quilt from a friend and started making quilts. Ever since then, she has been able to make more than 700 quilts. Her goal is to make 1000 quilts by her 15th anniversary.

She not only makes quilts, she is a reporter in the Country music scene. Through her connection in music industry she has been able to sell her designs to many personalities as country music legend Loretta Lynn.

She says the way she quilts is by feel, as cotton feels a lot different from polyester. She uses her hands to feel the fabric and appliqué on her delightful quilts. She needs her friends’ help to cut the shapes for her, but she is the one who sews and assembles them. She receives the fabric she uses for her work through donations from people who have a large stash of quilting fabric.

Check her web site on www.theamazingquilter.com
Or watch her work on her quilts www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lfaSmDxVZQ

Nazanin S. Fard

Needlecraft University

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