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  1. Trends, Feb-2003
  2. Stitches West, Mar-2003
  3. New Trends, A Report from TNNA, Mar-2004
  4. New Trends, A Report from TNNA, Feb-2005
  5. What is Copyright?, May-2005
  6. Fashion and Craft trends, Aug-2005
  7. Needlecraft Popularity, Jan-2006
  8. Visiting an Alpaca Ranch, Jul-2006
  9. Visiting an Alpaca farm in the UK, Oct-2006
  10. Knitting/Crochet for a worthy cause, Nov-2006
  11. A progress report on Knitting/Crochet for a worthy cause, Dec-2006
  12. Charity Work Update, Jan-2007
  13. Visiting Lacis Museum of Lace and Textile, Oct-2007
  14. Color Forecasting, Jan-2008
  15. What is Nålbinding?, Jun-2008
  16. A Brief History of Knitting, Jul-2008
  17. A Brief History of Crochet, Aug-2008
  18. A little about Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Sep-2008
  19. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Symbols, Oct-2008
  20. Different types of Knitting Needles, Nov-2008
  21. Different types of Crochet Hooks, Dec-2008
  22. A report from TNNA, San Diego, Feb-2009
  23. Machine Knitting, Mar-2009
  24. What is lace and lace-making?, Apr-2009
  25. History of Irish Crochet, May-2009
  26. History of Lace Knitting, Jun-2009
  27. History of Tatting, Jul-2009
  28. Filet Crochet, Aug-2009
  29. History of Embroidery, Sep-2009
  30. Wool Wash Products, Oct-2009
  31. Yarns with Conscience, Jan-2010
  32. What is Loom-Knitting?, Feb-2010
  33. What is the Knitters Loom?, Mar-2010
  34. What is a Lucet-braid/cord?, Apr-2010
  35. What is the Orenburg Lace Shawl?, Jul-2010
  36. What is the Tambour Work?, Aug-2010
  37. What is Bruges Lace?, Oct-2010
  38. Prayer Shawls, Nov-2010
  39. Scarf of Hope, Dec-2010
  40. Geek Crafting, Feb-2011
  41. Relieving stress with needlecraft even during war, Apr-2011
  42. Yarn Art!, May-2011
  43. What is Yarn Bombing?, Jul-2011
  44. Meet Caroline Archer, Aug-2011
  45. Heartfelt Scarves, Dec-2011
  46. The Knitted Christmas Tree, Jan-2012
  47. Blind Quilter, Mar-2012
  48. Machine Knitting to Dye For, Apr-2012
  49. Pillows for Olympians, Jul-2012
  50. Crocheted Playgrounds, Aug-2012
  51. Knitted Bridal Gowns!, Sep-2012
  52. Crocheting the Coral Reef (Hyperbolic Crochet), Oct-2012
  53. Prayer Shawls from the Heart Book, Nov-2012
  54. The Last Issue, Dec-2012

  1. What to do with that stash?, Jan-2003
  2. Cleanliness, Apr-2003
  3. Relieving Stress, May-2003
  4. How to design your own afghan, using pattern dictionaries, Jun-2003
  5. How to better protect knit/crochet garments, Jul-2003
  6. Good Workmanship, Aug-2003
  7. Seaming heavy items, Sep-2003
  8. Softening Your Hands, Nov-2003
  9. How to wash your knit and crocheted garments, Dec-2003
  10. Benefits of Full Spectrum Light, Jun-2004
  11. Dyeing with Kool-Aid, Jul-2004
  12. How to remove stains, Aug-2004
  13. Using Coned Yarn, Sep-2004
  14. How to recycle/reuse yarn, Oct-2004
  15. What is a dye lot, and how to use different dye lots of the same yarn, Nov-2004
  16. What is Mercerization?, Jan-2005
  17. Yarn Fire Safety, Apr-2005
  18. Charts vs. Written Text, Jun-2005
  19. How to store winter clothing, Jul-2005
  20. Why the "wrong" side of the work should be as neat as the public side?, Oct-2005
  21. How to figure out what laundering symbols mean, Dec-2005
  22. What is ply?, Jun-2007
  23. Yarn Substitution, Feb-2008
  24. Moth Proofing Wool, Mar-2008
  25. Organic Dyeing, Apr-2008
  26. Useful Tips, Nov-2009
  27. Removing pills/balls from sweaters, Dec-2009
  28. "Charts Made Simple" Book, Mar-2011
  29. What are clothing moths and how to deal with them?, Sep-2011
  30. How to deal with Mold, Mildew?, Oct-2011
  31. What is Stranded Knitting?, Nov-2011
  32. Measure your mystery yarn, Feb-2012
  33. Knitting and Crochet with Beads, May-2012
  34. Intarsia Knitting, Jun-2012

  1. How to choose fiber, Part I, Jan-2004
  2. How to choose fiber, Part II, Feb-2004
  3. Cotton, Mar-2004
  4. Linen & Hemp, Apr-2004
  5. Man-made Fibers, May-2004
  6. Knitting with dog hair (Chiengora), Mar-2005
  7. Possum Yarn, Sep-2005
  8. The story of naturally colored cotton, Nov-2005
  9. Organic Wool, Feb-2006
  10. Paper Yarn, Mar-2006
  11. Bamboo Fiber and Yarn, Apr-2006
  12. Different types of silk, May-2006
  13. What is cashmere?, Jun-2006
  14. What is Hemp?, Aug-2006
  15. What is Mohair?, Sep-2006
  16. What is Angora?, Feb-2007
  17. What is Rayon?, Mar-2007
  18. What is Tencel®?, Apr-2007
  19. What is Soy Silk®?, May-2007
  20. What is Qiviut?, Jul-2007
  21. What is Bison Fiber (hair)?, Aug-2007
  22. What is Vicuña fiber?, Sep-2007
  23. Camel fiber, Nov-2007
  24. Yak fiber, Dec-2007
  25. Banana Silk, May-2008
  26. What is SeaCell®?, Jan-2009
  27. Recycled Sari Silk, May-2010
  28. How to identify unknown fibers, Jun-2010
  29. Milk Yarn, Sep-2010
  30. How to choose the perfect yarn for a project, Jan-2011
  31. What is Corn-fiber (Corn-silk)?, Jun-2011

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